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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Today, I would like 2 share with all my friends why i'm so3 lazy 2 post a new entry. In 3 month I become a blogger, I only have 8 entries at my blog. Look, how lazy I am. I look to all of my friends blog and what have i find is-in 1 month, they have about 10-20 entries. How diligent they are if compare with me. Why I become like this?
  1. I don't have very much idea to post a new thing at my blog.
  2. Not many events have occur to me every day. (Juz eat, sleep and play)
  3. Nothing to share.
  4. All my friends have continue their studies (Matric and foundation)
  5. FIFA 09 have affect me very much.
  6. LAZY. XD
  7. Sleep after Subuh.
  8. Wake up late.
  9. And many more laa
Huh. That's my problem. Who has read this entry, i really2 hope 2 give me some suggestion on what is the best thing for me to post in this blog. I hope, one day I become a very2 diligent in the word of blogging. XD

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