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Friday, July 31, 2009

Playing Table Tennis at my Home =)

Yeye. Now my family and I have our own table tennis at home. Huh. Almost setiap free time g main r. Bez ow. Lama x main pingpong neh. Rasa puas. hehe. Tapi cukup susah nak menang dgn my father. Terror siot. Nahas aku dibelasah. Huh. Baru sekali ja mng dgn dye. Tu pon 21-19. sikit ja. Um. x pa. aku harus lebih berusaha. hee. Tapi, dah ada meja pingpong ne dah jarang dah tengok buku. em. kena pandai bahagi masa neh. Nanti susah. erm. Apa2 pon. memang bez laa ada meja pingpong sndri. hehe. =)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Pada hari ini, saya rasa sgt terkilan.

Keboringan Melanda

It almost 3 days i'm home. I feel very2 x tau nak buat apa. Just surf internet and complete my assignment. Nak main game. Tapi laptop dah format len. Jadi x leh main r instead wat assignment je la yg bertimbun ne. Rasa x sabar la pulak nak balik UiTM neh. Tapi, lepas balik uitm nanti, I have to face a management and business mathematics qiuz. Nervous la pulak. For the business math subject, I fell I can do it because I just need to remember the formula of arithmetic and geometric sequences and the simple intrest formula which is I=Prt and S=P+I. For the management quiz, I must remember all the facts in order to get a better marks dalam quiz tu which the full marks is 2.5%. Waaa. What i have 2 do 2 get the better mark for my management quiz. Dok rumah ne macam2 dugaan yang dtg melanda. Penyakit paling utama ialah dengar lagu pas 2 tertido. Lyn lagu rock kapak yg slow. mna x tertido. Instrumental pon sama. ubat tido semua 2. huh. XD. K dah2 nak g makan neh. =) salam

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One more assignment

As university students, we usually receive MANY assignmentS that all of the students must complete it before their respective due date. Today, 1 more assignment that my lecturer give to me. Before this, I have 4 assignment to complete
  1. CSC 253- eBay presentation.
  2. PAD 160- Planning
  3. PAD 160- Total Quality Management (TQM)
  4. BEL 120- Past Continuous Tense
And the fresh one is CSC 253 which is Multimedia Presentation. Wooo. So many la.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday for all of my matrix students especially May Allah Bless Us Blog owner (Nak tulis nama ko aku malu. haha) XD. We should open our field of war now. haha. But, I'm a little bit buzy rrr. Full of assignment. For all the matrix students, how about your exam?? ok? ko?. Hopefully it's ok la (nanti bagi tau GPA kat aku) haha. I want to make it my insperation to go through this semester. Hopefully, I get what I want. Pray for it ya.

Proud to be UiTM students

With my life philosophy "Knowledge is power, if you have it the world is yours" and "Faiza 'azamta fatawakkal 'alallah. innallah hiyuhibbul mutawakilin", I hope I will success at UiTM Kedah.

I'm at Malinja College which is for siswa. My room is A107 and I have the only 1 part 1 member and 4 seniors. All of the seniors in my room are in Diploma in Business Studies who is Bob, Hakim, Fairuz and Anis. Anis is 20 years old who get a MUMTAZ result for his STAM and get 4 flat in his first semester and 3.94 in second semester. And the only one of my friends is in Diploma in Accountancy who is Muhammad Fahim. For all the readers information, my first impression for all the seniors in my room is they are so naughty but in 2 week with them, they such a brother that can help their youngest brother to settle our problems such as to find my subject books and many more

I take 6 subjects in my programme which is Diploma in Public Administration. The subjects is Introduction to Political Science (PAD 120), Principle of Management (PAD 160), Business Mathematics (MAT 112), Interactive Multimedia (CTU 253), English (BEL 121) and Pendidikan Islam (CTU 101).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Computer Science

Computer Science is also one of the subject that I must take in my course which is Public Administrators at UiTM kedah. My subject course is CSC 253 which is interactive multimedia. My batch is the first batch take this kind of subject in part 1. Last semester, the students of part 1 in this subject take CSC 134 which is discovering computer.

For all the readers information, first week I have learn CSC 134. This subject actually not same as my program coordinator mention to all DPA students. I have spend about RM 40.00 to buy the CSC 134 text book, past year questions and slide of this subject. Hmm. So Sad la. With RM 40.00, I can eat within 4 days. :(

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Terkejut Dengan Science Politic

Salam. In this week, I have laern about politic science. This subject is quite difficult to me because i'm very weak to remember all about the facts instead i have to wash up my brain to remember all the facts that have in this field.

In the politic science, i have learn about what is the meaning of science, politic and politic science. The meaning of science is any form of systematic knowledge on a specific field. Lasswell said, the meaning of politic is 'who gets what, when and how?'. Lastly is the meaning of politic science. The politic science means how the people going to govern themselves and the study of activities, goverment and characteristic of the state.

Now, I will learn about is the political science is a science. This will be approve by 7 approaches. I not remember yet what the 7 approaches to approve the political science is a science. I will post it next time. XD. salam