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Friday, March 20, 2009

Characteristics of a good person

Defining a "genuinely" good person and assessing what characteristics are representative of a good person is a bit different. Some people have a few characteristics that depict a good person, but may have characteristics that overshadow the good. A person may give you the shirt off their back, but turn around and rob a bank. A genuinely good person stands firm by the definition of good, in public as well as private. They are consistent in character. They are real...

Good person is one of the step before you become a success person.

Characteristics of a good person..:-


Compassion comes from the heart of a good person. It extends from the heart to others and offers empathy, support and understanding. A compassionate person feels the other's pain as if it were their own. They are willing to reach out and offer comfort. They are the type that won't mind if you call at 2am if you need a shoulder to cry on.


A good person is filled with kindness. They plant seeds that help others thrive. The kind person offers of themselves to others. They don't wait until a catastrophe strikes, but practice kindness in everyday life. They recognize needs in others without having to be asked to step in and help. Their conscience doesn't allow them to neglect others. They don't just help within their comfort zone, but are willing to make sacrifices.


Forgiveness is a characteristic of a good person. They let go of resentment, the anger and bitterness. They don't allow toxins to overshadow joy in their lives and the joy they can offer to others. They unfold a loving heart without seeking revenge. They aren't a door mat to be walked on, but realize we all make mistakes.


A good person respects others, but this respect is derived from respect for themselves. They value their own worth, their own feelings as well as others. They listen attentively because your thoughts and feelings matter. They open their mind to diversity in thoughts and opinions without making you feel lesser or judging unfairly. They may not agree with you, but they handle differences, respectfully.

Honest and Trustworthy

A good person is trustworthy and doesn't gossip. They don't get pleasure from hurting others. They hold your secrets in confidence as if a cherished treasure. You won't be left with doubts as to who they are or where you stand with them. Their word is truth and filled with honesty.


A good person stands firm for their beliefs, not just when it's comfortable, but when anything threatens to come between themselves and their beliefs. They rise above adversity and hold faith they can endure the storms in life.

A genuinely good person makes a good role model. They strive to do the right thing because that is the core of who they are. At they same time, they recognize room for growth and take accountability for their mistakes and make amends where necessary. They draw others in and exude something special that radiates authenticity. Being a good person is a choice. It's about being authentic to yourself and others and not swaying from your true self to play deceptive characters.

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