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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Terkejut Dengan Science Politic

Salam. In this week, I have laern about politic science. This subject is quite difficult to me because i'm very weak to remember all about the facts instead i have to wash up my brain to remember all the facts that have in this field.

In the politic science, i have learn about what is the meaning of science, politic and politic science. The meaning of science is any form of systematic knowledge on a specific field. Lasswell said, the meaning of politic is 'who gets what, when and how?'. Lastly is the meaning of politic science. The politic science means how the people going to govern themselves and the study of activities, goverment and characteristic of the state.

Now, I will learn about is the political science is a science. This will be approve by 7 approaches. I not remember yet what the 7 approaches to approve the political science is a science. I will post it next time. XD. salam


Nurulhusna bt Zubir said...

ko nk jdi kan blog ko ni tutorial sc politic ka..??haha

Afiq said...

x ah. blog ne akan jd tutor utk sc computer. haha. Dpt extra credits. Untung r aku. Jd, all the things that i have study in sc computer, i will conclude here. Yg sc politic ngan len2 2 sampingan je arh.