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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Proud to be UiTM students

With my life philosophy "Knowledge is power, if you have it the world is yours" and "Faiza 'azamta fatawakkal 'alallah. innallah hiyuhibbul mutawakilin", I hope I will success at UiTM Kedah.

I'm at Malinja College which is for siswa. My room is A107 and I have the only 1 part 1 member and 4 seniors. All of the seniors in my room are in Diploma in Business Studies who is Bob, Hakim, Fairuz and Anis. Anis is 20 years old who get a MUMTAZ result for his STAM and get 4 flat in his first semester and 3.94 in second semester. And the only one of my friends is in Diploma in Accountancy who is Muhammad Fahim. For all the readers information, my first impression for all the seniors in my room is they are so naughty but in 2 week with them, they such a brother that can help their youngest brother to settle our problems such as to find my subject books and many more

I take 6 subjects in my programme which is Diploma in Public Administration. The subjects is Introduction to Political Science (PAD 120), Principle of Management (PAD 160), Business Mathematics (MAT 112), Interactive Multimedia (CTU 253), English (BEL 121) and Pendidikan Islam (CTU 101).

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