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Monday, August 3, 2009

CSC 253 Interactive Multimedia


(Conclusion for 19th JULY 2009 lesson)

CHAPTER 1 - Introduction to multimedia.

Multimedia is a
combination of text, video, songs, art and animation in a simple presentation. The multimedia is called Interactive Multimedia when we as a user can control the presentation or the multimedia it self (eg. a power point presentation, computer games, simulator) and it is called Hypermedia when we as a user can link our multimedia itself to another sites. Besides, multimedia projects can be linear or non-linear. The multimedia projects is called linear when it is not interactive and non-linear multimedia projects is instead of it rr. It is 2 primary media which used to delivering multimedia project. It is CD-ROM and DVD.

CD-ROM is the
most cost-effective distribution medium for multimedia projects. It contents up to 80 minutes full-screen video or audio.
DVD technology increases the capacity current optical technology to 18 GB.
DVD authoring and integration software is used to create interactive front-end menus for films and games.

Nowadays, multimedia is used in business, school, university and many more organization.
The application of multimedia can help them to improve the facilities in one organization.

Virtual Reality is an extansion of multimedia.


CHAPTER 2 - Introduction to Making Multimedia

In making the multimedia project, we must have a stages of a multimedia project which is planning and costing, design and production, testing and the last one is delivery. Besides the stage of a multimedia, we must also have the requirement for a multimedia project which is hardware, software, creativity and organization skill. In order to complete the multimedia projects,
hardware such as central processing units (CPU) and macintosh (Microsoft Windows & Apple) is very2 important to complete up this multimedia project. Besides, software such as Macromedia Fire Work, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash and all other software is also important to do this work. Lastly, cteativity and organization skill is also important for someone to complete up the multimedia project. We must have a creativity to design, present and organize the project.


CHAPTER 3 - Multimedia Skills

To create a great and excellent multimedia project, we must have a members of multimedia team and also roles and responsibilities of a multimedia team.

In one team, it have an individual who has their own skill and expertise. This is very important to create a great project. A multimedia team consists of a project manager, multimedia designer, interface designer, writer, video specialist, audio specialist, multimedia programmer, producer for the web and computer programmers. Project manager must decide his team member to their certain expertise. This way will produce a great multimedia production.


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